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Ramsay Sliding Loft Ladder
Ramsay Sliding Loft Ladder - Storage Space In Loft
Dimension Diagram

Ramsay Sliding Loft Ladder

From £279.99 inc VAT & UK Mainland Delivery


  • A range of robust aluminium loft ladders that fits most existing loft openings.
  • 5 sizes available that suit a range of floor to floor heights up to 3660mm.
  • Heavy duty ladder suitable for virtually any location.
  • Wider construction than most loft ladders approx. 380mm.
  • Deep non slip treads (90mm) to ensure a safe climb.
  • Spring assisted action to allow for ease of operation.
  • The loft ladder can be fitted to most loft hatches by its spring radial arms to allow the opening/closing of the hatch door to happen in conjunction with the lowering or raising of the ladder.
  • Safe working dead haul weight of 175kg.
  • Complete with operating pole and fittings.
  • High strength extruded aluminium construction.
  • Comes with one handrail. Additional handrails are also available.

N.B. This unit does not come with a loft hatch.

ModelFloor to Floor Height CStorage Length Required EHeight Above Loft Floor Required FMinimum Hatch Length AMinimum Hatch Width BMaximum
Going Required D+A
Inclusive Price
RSL1 2.29 x 2.54m 1.37m 0.737m 0.736m 0.558m 1.31m £279.99
RSL2 2.56 x 2.82m 1.37m 0.762m 0.736m 0.558m 1.29m £289.99
RSL3 2.84 x 3.10m 1.63m 0.812m 0.762m 0.558m 1.35m £299.99
RSL4 3.12 x 3.38m 1.63m 0.914m 0.85m 0.558m 1.49m £319.99
RSL5 3.42 x 3.66m 2.03m 1.245m 0.85m 0.558m 1.54m £359.99
RHR23 Additional Handrail For Ladder Sizes 1,2 and 3 £29.99
RHR45 Additional Handrail For Ladder Sizes 4 and 5 £29.99

Ladder Model

  • RSL1
  • RSL2 +£10.00
  • RSL3 +£20.00
  • RSL4 +£40.00
  • RSL5 +£80.00

Optional: 2nd Handrail

  • Additional Handrail +£29.99