‘Here at Simply Loft ladders we like to keep things simple – we are simple souls ourselves and like to make it as simple to buy a loft ladder as it is to buy a pair of shoes.’

No – we are not obsessed about shoes – just loft ladders ( we promise !! )

It doesn’t seem many years ago , when we were all singing  “ What do we want , what do we really , really want ? “ . We are still singing the same old song, but now the answers are different and more grown up

What do we want, what do we really, really want ?

What do you want, what do you really, really want

What we want:

  • Space in the wardrobe for some new clothes
  • Space in the kids bedrooms to get a desk in
  • Space in the pink room to squeeze another child in
  • Space in the spare room to squeeze granny in for a visit
  • Space in the understairs cupboard to actually get the vacuum cleaner in

We asked the boss – what he had in his loft and being the helpful chap he is, he went up there and made a list – and this believe us is the edited version :-

  • Xmas decorations
  • Old pram and buggy
  • Suitcases
  • Bits of furniture he can’t bear to throw away
  • Old paperwork
  • Kids toys
  • Pictures his wife doesn’t like
  • Boxes that his vast range of technical equipment came in
  • Stuff he is storing for his ‘grown up ‘ children.

We asked his wife what she wished was in their loft – and not surprisingly her list was slightly different

  • All his fishing gear
  • And the  football gear
  • All those kitchen presents that his mother gives her every year – and she only needs to bring out once a year.
  • His socks!

The boss has our top of the range spring assisted loft ladder – well he would wouldn’t he ?

Rumour has it that he goes in the loft as often as he watches football – which we are reliably informed is very often . We have to admit that his house is a haven of tidiness. The loft however is a shrine to the art of hoarding , which surprisingly we have not been allowed access to . But watch this space – photos will be taken !!